Online reputation management or (ORM) can be explained as taking control of your online conversations. Today, online reputation means everything to a brand. Your potential consumers are first visiting your website or searching for you online even before interacting with you. Having a good reputation and positive remarks about your brand creates a sense of trust among your consumers.

ORM is critical when it comes to maintaining a positive brand identity in the eyes of consumers.

ORM can improve how your brand looks online. This is achieved by improving your website’s ranking, ratings, search profiles, social media, and websites. Online reputation management is a process that involves strategies and techniques, which allow your consumers to find the right materials about your brand, when they look for you on the internet. At Deltron, we can use online reputation management or ORM to create balance, counter misleading trends and allow your brand to create a positive image online.

A good ORM practice can drastically improve how consumers view your brand. An important component of ORM is Online Review Management.


The internet offers the opportunity for everyone to express their opinions on almost everything. If you own an online business, chances are that your customers are already talking about you online. Either they are admiring your services or disappointed with it and writing reviews about your business. Online reviews have become the word-of-mouth referral today. The reviews that your business receives can either make your business a success or damage your reputation. In this world of five star rating, it is important to maintain those ratings and reviews and online review management allows you to do that. At Deltron, we use online review management to monitor your reviews, make negative reviews into positive reviews, proactively boost your positive reviews, and etc.


Our Plan

We offer different plans that meet the needs of different customers. From basic to enterprise, we do it all.


$ 800

Our basic plan allows companies to increase their ORM by targeting 1 phrase and monitoring search positions from 1 to 10./ Mo

  • Phrases Targeted 1
  • Search Positions Monitored 1 to 10
  • Blog Set-up
  • Blog Writing 2
  • Blog Post 2
  • Development of Micro Sites 1
  • Local Map Listing 2
  • Business Listing
  • Social Bookmarking 10
  • Social Media Profile Creation 2
  • Article Writing 1
  • Article Submission 1
  • Article & Blog Distribution/Sharing 5


$ 1,500

Our professional plan is dedicated to companies looking to improve their ORM by targeting 3 phrases and monitoring search positions from 1 to 30./ Mo

  • Phrases Targeted 3
  • Search Positions Monitored 1 to 30
  • Blog Set-up
  • Blog Writing 4
  • Blog Post 4
  • Development of Micro Sites 3
  • Local Map Listing 3
  • Video Marketing*
  • Image Promotion*
  • Business Reviews
  • Business Listing
  • Social Bookmarking 30
  • Social Media Profile Creation 4
  • Article Writing 3
  • Article Submission 3
  • Article & Blog Distribution/Sharing 15


$ 2,000

The enterprise plan is a complete ORM package that builds and maintains companies’ online reputation by targeting 5 phrases and monitoring search positions from 1 to 40./ Mo

  • Phrases Targeted 5
  • Search Positions Monitored 1 to 40
  • Blog Set-up
  • Blog Writing 5
  • Blog Post 5
  • Development of Micro Sites 4
  • Local Map Listing 4
  • Video Marketing*
  • Image Promotion*
  • Business Reviews
  • Business Listing
  • Forum Posting
  • Social Bookmarking 40
  • Social Media Profile Creation 6
  • Article Writing 5
  • Article Submission 5
  • Article & Blog Distribution/Sharing 20