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At Deltron Technologies, we offer a range of top-notch services designed to empower your business. From our advanced IT solutions to data-driven digital marketing and expert talent acquisition services, we are Digital Marketing Agency, go above and beyond to exceed your expectations and drive success for your company.

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We offer services like Digital Marketing services, Recruitment, IT solutions, & more

About us

At Deltron Technologies, we are a leading provider of innovative technology solutions, helping businesses thrive through advanced IT services, strategic marketing, and expert talent acquisition. Our team is committed to delivering excellence and driving success for our clients. From conception to deployment and execution to assistance to any potential future problems, we are there every step of the way.


Our objective is to establish ourselves as a dependable partner who makes all efforts to ensure the success of our customers.


To be the premier technology partner for businesses, driving innovation and success through advanced solutions and unparalleled expertise.

Delivering innovative technology, marketing, and talent solutions to drive business success.

How can Deltron Technologies help your business?

Advanced IT Solutions

Streamline business processes and increase efficiency. Enhance communication and collaboration. Secure your systems and data.

Data-Driven Digital Marketing:

Generate leads and boost sales. Build brand awareness and credibility. Measure and optimize your marketing campaigns

Expert Talent Acquisition

Find top-tier talent that fits your company's culture and values. Save time and resources in the recruitment process. Build a high-performing team that drives business success

Agency Excited With Our Solutions

Empowering Businesses With The Best Recruitment Services


We are the leading recruitment firm empowering business through innovative & affordable workforce solutions. Deltron Technologies, deliver world-class recruitment services to a global clientele engaged in various services including healthcare, entertainment, IT, eCommerce, etc. We offer end-to-end HR management solutions to empower companies to address their client’s critical needs.

We strive to assist both job seekers and employers with the best solutions to improve their operations and functionalities. Our comprehensive recruitment services involve a complete suite of services right from market mapping & assessment to recruitment analysis, outplacement, and workforce management. Regardless of any condition, our experts take care of everything, be it in recruitment process outsourcing, temporary staffing, or payroll solutions, we set our marks with unparalleled solutions. Our experts harness the latest recruitment technology and human intelligence to pick qualified candidates to help you in business, goals, and culture.



Satisfied Client

Discover what our satisfied clients have to say about our solutions and service

Deltron Technologies has been a valued partner of our company for the past three years, providing us with candidates for our company. Their team is highly skilled and knowledgeable, and they truly care about their client's needs and business. We've never looked back since we collaborated with Deltron. In fact, we have never thought of hiring a single candidate ourselves. They are always responsive and proactive in their approach, and we truly appreciate their commitment to delivering excellence.
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We Deliver Solutions with the Goal of Trusting Relationships

UI/UX Design

Creating seamless user experiences that drive engagement and satisfaction

Digital Marketing

Connecting your business to the world with data-driven digital marketing strategies

Business Analytics

Unlocking the Power of Data to drive informed decision-making and business growth

IT Recruitment

Finding the talent your business needs to succeed in the digital age

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Efficiently scaling your workforce with expert recruitment process outsourcing solutions

Jitendra Saini
Jitendra Saini
19 September 2023
My First Month at Deltron Technologies Exceeded Expectations I've been with Deltron Technologies for a month now, and I have to say that this company has impressed me in every way. The workplace culture is inclusive, ensuring that every team member is valued and respected, and there's a strong emphasis on work-life balance, which helps to keep everyone motivated and healthy. I'm excited to continue my journey with this outstanding company and to contribute to its continued success.
Cheshta Bhardwaj
Cheshta Bhardwaj
1 September 2023
had a great and comfortable experience as an intern here. Very positive work culture!
Ayush Chauhan
Ayush Chauhan
11 May 2023
Deltron Technologies offers a wide range of services, including digital marketing, business analytics, networking and IT infrastructure, staffing solutions, end-of-life products. This breadth of services allows clients to access various IT solutions and recruitment support under one roof. One of the strengths of Deltron Technologies is their team of highly skilled professionals. In conclusion, Deltron Technologies emerges as a promising company with a broad range of services for both IT and recruitment needs. Their team of professionals, proven track record, and ability to cater to businesses of varying sizes make them a viable option.
Garima Solanki
Garima Solanki
11 May 2023
I am an employee with this company and I must say that Deltron is the perfect company to kick start your career in staffing as this place offers a very good work culture due to which we are capable of achieve greater heights with Deltron.
tulika banerjee
tulika banerjee
2 May 2023
I had my first experience in the corporate world, in this organization every Individual working under the roof have supported and promoted my over all growth rate, apart part from being incomparable talented the Directors are even more sophisticated in real life, preforming day and night in order to achieve higher standards. the have performed as an guide and took us under there shelter // on the basis of our performance we were also offered with pre- placement offer //the environment is so health that its get unreal to even accept //
Anupam Anand
Anupam Anand
17 April 2023
Deltron Technologies is our product of hard work and dedication. Being one of the co-founder of the company, I believe that the company is built on ethics, hard work, and enthusiasm. The whole purpose of having Deltron was to provide businesses with IT solutions that can help them grow. Moreover, with our team of professionals, we offer a platform to small, mid-size, and big companies services like recruitment, digital marketing services, and IT services. It is a great company to work with where we try to provide a supportive and growth-oriented environment and treat the work-life balance as a priority.
seema Devi
seema Devi
3 January 2023
I started my career as an IT recruiter, but Deltron give me exposure of direct client handling which is a big turning point for me career wise. Now I am more confident and looking forward for more opportunity with Deltron.